Sharon Van Etten // Every Time The Sun Comes Up

1590689-Sharon-Van-Etten-Dusdin-Condren-617-409Sharon Van Etten is one of the best songwriters out there right now, in my humble opinion. And this new single from her upcoming album, ‘Are We There’, that’s out May 27th. The drone is haunting and her lyrics are the perfect balance of being something everyone can relate to without being washed out and generic – and that’s tough.

She hits hard with this one, I find myself exhausted after listening to it – in a punch to the heart kind of way. I have high expectations for this album, I can’t wait.

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  1. I’m so glad I stumbled across your awesome blog. If I didn’t, I would have never found Sharon Van Etten. She definitely, “hits hard with this one,” and plucks my heart strings. I will definitely keep my eye on your blogs from now on. Cheers from Don’t Yell Fire (A solo music project created by me, Craig Goldberg).

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