CHAMPS // Savannah


“Savannah” from CHAMPS is just punchy enough and has just enough of that pop quality to really get in stuck in your head. I dig the strong piano riffs carrying throughout and supporting the soaring and sometimes haunting vocals. Their sound has enough character to really keep from drowning in the sea that is alt-rock. The brothers, Michael and David Champion have their debut album, “Down Like Gold”, coming out February 24th.

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  1. Hey man, just thought I’d put this out there but you might enjoy some of these tracks if you weren’t all. Just a list on Soundcloud of some my monthly good finds. I can’t get enough of sound cloud these days, such a great site for discovery. Anyhoo, heres the link for this months list – – All right, thanks for all your posts! Always enjoy seeing who you post next. Thanks man.


  2. Beautiful song, love the harmonies

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