Apr 14

Shakey Graves // Dearly Departed

Shakey Graves plays a new one with the help of Esme Patterson during SXSW. I’m embarrassed to say that Shakey Graves came through town last week and I didn’t get to go see him, but if he keeps playing song like these he’ll be back soon enough playing the arenas.

Shakey Graves: Site // Facebook

Apr 14

BASECAMP // Emmanuel


I’m getting more on board with this whole “producer” thing – and BASECAMP is very much evidence of that. Three producers out of Nashville have put together an EP that completely floors me. I swear my heartbeat syncs up with these songs while I listen to them. While the instrumentation is entrancing and can hold it’s own, the vocals are what keep me coming back, there is no better way to describe it other than they’re like syrup. And that’s why no one lets me write lyrics.

Listen to Emmanuel, it’s a jam.

BASECAMP: Facebook // Soundcloud

Apr 14

Seryn // Disappear


It’s no secret of my love for Seryn – they were one of the first bands I discovered back in college that really set me down the path of music that I find myself on today. I had the opportunity to see them play at SXSW in 2012 and they absolutely floored me with their talent and sound.

While there are no concrete details on the release of their sophomore record, they have release a new song, “Disappear” – and it’s beautiful. The guitar is cold and haunting, and the warm vocals just wrap themselves into all the instrumental layers as always. It’s great.

Seryn: Site // Facebook

Mar 14

First Aid Kit // My Silver Lining


First Aid Kit has always been one of those bands that I introduce all my friends to whenever they’re asking for something new – all their music just has this extremely approach-ability that I love.

They have a new album coming this year on June 10th - Stay Gold – and you can listen to the first single, “My Silver Lining”, now. Their sound has definitely grow, but not dramatically, and I think that’s a good thing. I love the new layers they’ve added – the wandering violin, a marching drum rhythm that just entrances. Give it a listen.

First Aid Kit: Site // Facebook

Mar 14

S. Carey // Range of Light


S. Carey’s new album comes out next week, but currently it is streaming over on the New York Times music site – and it’s a fantastic listen. I’ve spun it probably a dozen times this week, the vibrant textures and the warm composition makes for a listening experience that just consumes you. So much so that I’m making it our featured album before it’s even released.

I could sit here and go on and on about the instrumentation, and the production, and careful talent that constitutes this album – but I won’t because it simply sells itself. Just give it a listen and let yourself become submersed in it fully. And I’ll again mention that he’ll be playing Middle of the Map fest here in Kansas City next week – April 4th he’ll be playing at The Riot Room. See you there.

S. Carey: Website // Facebook

Mar 14

Curtis Harding // Keep On Shining


Curtis Harding seems unreasonably cool – it’s like he’s not even trying when he sings. “Keep On Shining” fell onto my radar after reading some post-SXSW articles, and from the sound of it, Curtis Harding impressed quite a few people while he was down in Austin.

Harding’s debut album, Soul Power, is out April 22nd. The two tracks I’ve heard are just as punchy and impressive as the classics that inspired them. Check out “Keep On Shining”.

Curtis Harding: Burger Records // Facebook 

Mar 14

crash // Motion Animal


I’ve probably seen Crash Richard play many times, heck I’ve probably heard him sing a handful of times without knowing it. Crash is a member of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and with as many times as I’ve seen Edward Sharpe, I’ve probably seen him and didn’t know the glory I was truly experiencing. That makes me feel just super cool. Not to mention everyone in that band is amazingly talented, so it’s awesome to see side acts spawning out of it.

All that being said, Community Music is putting out crash’s solo record by the name of Hardly Criminal  that is due out May 6th – and if it’s anything like “Motion Animal”, it’s going to be my jam.

crash: site // facebook

Mar 14

SxYC // 2014 SXSW Mixtape


Download // Spotify

Twinsmith // Summer Jam
St. Paul & The Broken Bones // Call Me
Liam Bailey // Please Love Me
Snowmine // Columbus
Pageantry // Friends of the Year
Sylvan Esso // Play It Right
Chet Faker // Talk Is Cheap
Sam Smith // Money On My Mind
Step Rockets // Kisser
Eliza and the Bear // Friends
Woman’s Hour // Her Ghost
Angel Olsen // Forgiven/Forgotten
The Eastern Sea // The Match
Jess Williamson // Blood Song
Leif Vollebekk // When The Subway Comes Above The Ground
Parker Millsap // Truck Stop Gospel
Lydia Loveless // Boy Crazy
Adam Arcuragi // You’d Think This Was Easy
Let’s Buy Happiness // Run
Temples // Mesmerise
The War On Drugs // Red Eyes

Mar 14

Parker Millsap // Truck Stop Gospel


Parker Millsap – Truck Stop Gospel

In the past couple weeks I’ve been tearing through new albums I’ve pulled from the SXSW listings, seeing what there is to see out there. At least once a day I come back to Parker Millsap – an Oklahoman who plays music that the heart-felt old-time country genre would surely adopt.

The kid has a great set of vocals and knows how to write a song that bounces along and makes you forget the time passing. It’s really good. His self-titled debut came out at the beginning of February, I’d suggest checking it out.

Park Millsap:  Site // Facebook // iTunes

Feb 14

StaG // I Think I’ll Shout


StaG is out of Los Angeles  that frankly I do not know much more about. They play this great atmospherically ambient rock – somewhere in the vein of Lord Huron. And I dig it. There isn’t a full album yet, but “I Think I’ll Shout” holds a lot of promise, try it out.

I’ve begun my SXSW digging, one of my favorite times of year. Expect a mixtape sometime soon, but I couldn’t help but sharing these dudes right away.

StaG: Facebook // Bandcamp