Aug 14

Andrew Combs // Emily


Andrew Combs stopped in Kansas City last week, and I was lucky enough to have a free night. He was opening for Amanda Shires – but it was his name that got me out of the house and into the doors of the Riot Room. It was a modest crowd, but everyone’s attention was intensely fixed when Andrew and his band hit the stage. He played most of his debut album, Worried Man, as well as some newer stuff coming our way. He closed out the night with the new fast-burner that is “Emily”, listen below.

He let us know that we should expect to see another album from him early next year. If you see him coming through your town, go ahead and free up your night – it’ll be worth it.

Andrew Combs: Site // Facebook

Aug 14

Blake Mills // Don’t Tell Our Friends About Me

Blake Mills

It’s been sparse around here lately. The world starts spinning a little too fast and you forget about what’s important. I think my feet are back on the ground, and Blake Mills’ new songs are partly to thank for that. “Don’t Tell Our Friends About Me” hit me like a ton of bricks – it’s beautiful and the writing is absolutely golden.

Blake’s new album, Heigh Ho, comes out September 16th, please join me in losing your mind.

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Jul 14

Delta Spirit // From Now On


Delta Spirit is always one of those bands I include in the list of the formative years of my music taste. They’ve changed with time, just as my preferences have, and we’ve always seem to have kept pace with each other. When I saw they had a new song out from their next record coming September 9, I’ll admit I was a little nervous. With this perfect track record of always being on the same page, I was worried it may not be the case anymore. Well that was completely without warrant – as this new single is just perfect. All the growth of a new Delta Spirit layered with nostalgia of the old Delta Spirit I’ve always known.

Into the Wide is out September 9th, and it’s going to be great. I just know it. Listen to “From Now On” now.

Delta Spirit: Site // Facebook

Jun 14

Bahamas // All The Time


This year is starting to get stacked with new releases on the calendar, which is something that makes me very happy. Now, to be added near the top of the list, is the new album coming from Bahamas, Bahamas Is Afie, on August 18th. Listen to “All The Time” now, and wait in anticipation with me for the next two months – because this thing is going to be good.

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Jun 14

Shovels & Rope // The Devil Is All Around


Shovels & Rope is on their way with a new album coming out on August 26th – you can go ahead and color me excited. These two have always been able to crank out jaw dropping songs with just the two of them. Listen to “The Devil Is All Around” now and look for Swimmin’ Time to drop in August as well as a tour to support it. Check their site for details.

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May 14

You Me and Apollo // Sweet Honey


I’ve really been enjoying You Me & Apollo’s newest, Sweet Honey, these past few weeks. It’s a album charged with fierce guitars and strong vocals – it goes along well with long drives and open windows.

I was surprised to find that not much has been said about this album yet, I thought I was late to the game, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. These guys out of Colorado are a lot of fun to listen to, they’ll make to you tap your toes to say the least.

I really haven’t been much for words lately, but don’t let that not let keep you from picking up this album, it’s a good listen from front to back. It has classic soul and r&b tones wound into more tradition folk and country themes, making it hard for anyone to ignore.

You Me & Apollo: Site // Facebook // iTunes

May 14

Strand of Oaks // Shut In


Strand of Oak’s new album, “HEAL”, is due out June 24th – and I for one, cannot wait. Tim Showalter’s writing has always had a certain fever to it, like it’s trying to get rid of a disease. His music is always deeply personal and makes you feel like you know him at an intimate level, and and “Shut In” is no exception to that. Keep an eye out for this one, folks.

Stand of Oaks: Site // Facebook

May 14

Jesse Marchant // All Your Promise

You may know Jesse Marchant by another name, JBM, which he released his excellent 2012 album, Stray Ashes, as. He’s back with, “All Your Promise”, that has a much more charged sound filled with bigger guitar riffs and tight percussion compared to some of his older work. I like it.

Look for a new album from Jesse Marchant later on this year. In the meantime, listen to JBM’s Stray Ashes if you haven’t yet. “All Your Promise” is available as a free download over on Jesse’s site.

Jesse Marchant: Site // Facebook

May 14

Christopher Denny // Our Kind of Love

cd (1)

A few year’s back I fell in love with Christopher Denny’s song, “Time“. It was one of the first I remember ever knowing all the words to, it was an important song to me. I thought the lyrics were just so bright and great at painting a story – and Christopher’s incredibly unique voice found a way into your head without finding a way out.

I was excited to hear that he has a new album coming out August 5th, If The Roses Don’t Kill Us. You can listen to a new track from the album right now, featuring Erika Winnerstrom of the Heartless Bastards – he’s definitely changed, and has grew amazingly into his sound.

Christopher Denny: Site // Facebook

May 14

Sharon Van Etten // Every Time The Sun Comes Up

1590689-Sharon-Van-Etten-Dusdin-Condren-617-409Sharon Van Etten is one of the best songwriters out there right now, in my humble opinion. And this new single from her upcoming album, ‘Are We There’, that’s out May 27th. The drone is haunting and her lyrics are the perfect balance of being something everyone can relate to without being washed out and generic – and that’s tough.

She hits hard with this one, I find myself exhausted after listening to it – in a punch to the heart kind of way. I have high expectations for this album, I can’t wait.

Sharon Van Etten: Site // Facebook