Dec 15

Lake Street Dive // Call Off Your Dogs

Mar 15

Tobias Jesso Jr // How Could You Babe


Have you been listening to this album from Tobias Jesso Jr? If you have, you wouldn’t be reading this you’d be on the floor swimming in a big pool of your feelings – so get to it. The whole thing is great back to front. Now, it’s nothing you haven’t necessarily heard before – he sticks to the basics of a clean piano that doesn’t rush his lyrics that will eventually match the rhythm of your heart beat – or at the very least, your toe. The sweeping choruses will keep you entwined and interested throughout the album.

It’s a heart breaker kids, but one that is just so good you’ll let it break it again and again. Go grab Goon today.

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Feb 15

The Tallest Man On Earth // Sagres

The Tallest Man on Earth

We’ve all been waiting on this one for a while. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve listened through Kristian Matsson’s albums – the most recent from three years ago. They’re terrific – and I was almost at peace with the idea that we’d never see him again.

But I was thankfully wrong, Kristian has announced a new album coming May 12th – and a tour to go with it. The new single is a dreamy dive into chirping strings and haunting soft horn sounds that draw comparisons to Beirut. If Beirut and The War on Drugs collaborated on a project that had Kristian Matsson’s growling vocals on top of the melodies – this song would be it. I totally dig it.

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Feb 15

Lord Huron // Fool for Love


I’ve been pushing Lord Huron onto the readers of this blog for a few years – and I’ll keep doing it. Their sound just keeps getting tighter and cleaner. “Fool for Love” is the first single from Strange Trails, coming April 7th. With a preorder you can get it free right now.

I love this new track – it opens to an airy dreamscape that begins to get anxious before exploding with their classic jangly guitar and chanting lyrics. It’s terribly fun, and I’ve honestly listened to it a criminal number of times. I’m excited for this next record.

Oh, and they’re touring with Leon Bridges — so I would very much recommend you make time to go out and see them this spring.

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Feb 15

Leon Bridges // Coming Home


This is another song that none of you should be surprised is showing up here on the blog. I think Leon is going to go quite a long way, he’s only released a couple songs and the buzz is all about from twitter to NPR.

Leon Bridges is out of Fort Worth and I’m embarrassed to say he passed through Austin just last week and I wasn’t able to catch him – firstly so because he sold out both nights. His self branded blend of southern gospel and soul make it hard not to enjoy his songs. Excitedly enough he just got put on the lineup for the Middle of the Map festival, so everyone is KC should be making plans to catch him this spring. I thoroughly expect the rest of us to be able to catch him a tour very soon  – until then we’ve got his EP to melt to.

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Jan 15

HONNE // Warm on a Cold Night


Like every good music blogger, I disappeared for a while. It wasn’t that music lost an importance to me, there were other things that came up. Family things, friend things, life things. I don’t get paid to do this, so I’m not sorry. But I’m am happy to say I’m back as something of a regular cadence.

I moved. There’s a big change right there, and it’s not even the biggest. I now live in Austin, Texas – something I’ve wanted for a long time. Expect big changes on the blog, I will be redesigning it to update it’s new locale. Kansas City will never leave my heart, and I’ll still likely pay some some homage to it on this blog as I’m back home often, but now I’ll be tracking and covering the happenings of Austin primarily – I can’t wait. So expect the concert and venue listings to be updated.

I didn’t get to share everything I listened to last year and loved, so some will probably pop up here and there. Heck, I might even put together a short list of my favorites. A 2014 list that’s put together in 2015? Now that’s wild.

To start – I want to share HONNE. “Warm on a Cold Night” has been on my playlists for a few weeks now, and the rest of their tracks are really enjoyable in this warm slow jam way. It seemed only appropriate as I’m up in Boston this week for work and we just got buried under a couple feet of snow. Their subtle tracks have enough to keep you engaged without being in your face, this whole new r&b thing is really getting to me.

Look forward to a lot more posts. If you really want to hear more from the blog following @yankeecalling on twitter is your best bet.

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Aug 14

Andrew Combs // Emily


Andrew Combs stopped in Kansas City last week, and I was lucky enough to have a free night. He was opening for Amanda Shires – but it was his name that got me out of the house and into the doors of the Riot Room. It was a modest crowd, but everyone’s attention was intensely fixed when Andrew and his band hit the stage. He played most of his debut album, Worried Man, as well as some newer stuff coming our way. He closed out the night with the new fast-burner that is “Emily”, listen below.

He let us know that we should expect to see another album from him early next year. If you see him coming through your town, go ahead and free up your night – it’ll be worth it.

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Aug 14

Blake Mills // Don’t Tell Our Friends About Me

Blake Mills

It’s been sparse around here lately. The world starts spinning a little too fast and you forget about what’s important. I think my feet are back on the ground, and Blake Mills’ new songs are partly to thank for that. “Don’t Tell Our Friends About Me” hit me like a ton of bricks – it’s beautiful and the writing is absolutely golden.

Blake’s new album, Heigh Ho, comes out September 16th, please join me in losing your mind.

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Jul 14

Delta Spirit // From Now On


Delta Spirit is always one of those bands I include in the list of the formative years of my music taste. They’ve changed with time, just as my preferences have, and we’ve always seem to have kept pace with each other. When I saw they had a new song out from their next record coming September 9, I’ll admit I was a little nervous. With this perfect track record of always being on the same page, I was worried it may not be the case anymore. Well that was completely without warrant – as this new single is just perfect. All the growth of a new Delta Spirit layered with nostalgia of the old Delta Spirit I’ve always known.

Into the Wide is out September 9th, and it’s going to be great. I just know it. Listen to “From Now On” now.

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Jun 14

Bahamas // All The Time


This year is starting to get stacked with new releases on the calendar, which is something that makes me very happy. Now, to be added near the top of the list, is the new album coming from Bahamas, Bahamas Is Afie, on August 18th. Listen to “All The Time” now, and wait in anticipation with me for the next two months – because this thing is going to be good.

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